The Weaver's Song

by Jenna Clare

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My rendition of "The Weaver's Song" from A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas

Lyrics by Sarah J Maas


Capo 3

Am Em F E7
There were two sisters
They went playing
To see their father’s ships
Come sailing

And when they came
Unto the sea-brim
The elder did push
The younger in

Sometimes she sank
And sometimes she swam
Til her corpse came
To the miller’s dam

F C Am E7
But what did he do
With her breast bone
He made him a viol
To play on

What’d he do
With her fingers so small
He made pegs
To his viol with all

And what did he do
With her nose-ridge
Unto his viol
He made a bridge

F C Am E7
What did he do
With her veins so blue
He made strings
To his viol thereto

What did he do
With her eyes so bright
On his viol
He set at first light

What did he do
With her tongue so rough
Twas the new till
And it spoke enough

Am Em F E7
Then bespake
The treble string
O yonder is
My father the king

Then bespoke
The second string
O yonder sits
My mother the queen

Then bespake
The strings all three
Yonder is my sister
That drowned me


released January 29, 2017



all rights reserved


Jenna Clare Nashville, Tennessee

i write songs about books.

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